10 Nov

Vienna Christmas Dream

Every year again! As soon as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, longs to be back to hot punch, cotton candy, twinkling lights and Christmas decorations. From November 16th to December 26th, the Vienna Town Hall Square will be transformed for over 30 years every year in a unique Viennese Christmas dream!
1 Nov

Coffee Houses in the Josefstadt

After a long day visiting museums, you deserve a coffee break. Vienna, the coffee capital, has a huge choice of cafés just for this purpose. Legend has it that the second Turkish siege of Vienna also had a plus side – that is, the coffee that the occupying Turkish forces left behind after their retreat....
13 Oct


Vienna is once again focusing on the “56th Viennale”, which will take place this year from October 25th to November 08th 2018 and is considered Austria’s most important Film Festival.
7 Oct

Haus des Meeres

The “Haus des Meeres” is located in a former flak tower (anti-aircraft plant) in the middle of the Esterhazypark and is one of three zoos of the city of Vienna beside the Schönbrunn Zoo and the Lainzer Tiergarten.
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