40 Years of Circus Roncalli at the Viennese Rathausplatz

19 Aug

40 Years of Circus Roncalli at the Viennese Rathausplatz

Clear the ring for this year’s anniversary tour of the Circus Roncalli. From the 15th of September to the 16th of October 2016 the circus turns the Viennese Rathausplatz again into a fantastic scenery.

It’s been 40 years already, since Bernhard Paul founded the famous Circus Roncalli together with artist colleague André Heller. Although, latter left the company in the very same year, in 1976. Since then, Roncalli revolutionized the circus business and filled its European audience with joy, starting with its première of the “great poetry of the universe” in Bonn.

Journey to the rainbow

This year’s tour of the Circus Roncalli goes by the melodious title of “Journey to the rainbow”. During the show, wonderful horse ballet as well as vertiginous and breath-taking artistic acts invite you to just dream and let your mind wander a little, whereas incredibly hilarious clowns help you with giving your laugh muscles a good workout.


Plakat des Circus Roncalli

Poster of the 40th Anniversary Tour


Be enchanted by the magical lightning of the 1.500 visitors holding and 16 m high circus tent, enjoy lively virtuous live-music and admire historical circus waggons, which will grace the Viennese Rathausplatz.

Time is your most precious gift.
– Bernhard Paul

In all in all 60 performances the Circus Roncalli shows circus talents, which were casted while travelling from Moscow up to Havana. Also the circus director’s daughters, Vivian and Lili, are represented with their own amazing acrobatic acts during the shows.

The only animals, which are featured in the shows, are horses. Together with Karl Trunk, the so-called Horse Whisperer, they present wonderful free dressage tricks.

Location & Tickets

When: from the 15th of September until the 16th of October 2016
Where: Viennese Rathausplatz

Show times:

  • Tuesday until Saturday: at 15:00 & at 19:30
  • Sunday: at 14:00 & at 18:00
  • Monday: closed

The ticket sale for the anniversary tour already started in the autumn of 2015, so don’t waste more time and get yours as soon as possible!

Please find further information concerning the event, the programme and the tickets here: www.roncalli.de


As you can see on the map below, the Hotel Zipser really is only a stone’s throw away from the Rathausplatz:

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