Vienna Festival Weeks 2017

1 May

Vienna Festival Weeks 2017

The opening of the “Vienna Festival Weeks” in front of the Town Hall’s impressive setting will once again be a unique spectacle. The Festival programme will take place under the new management of Tomas Zierhofer-Kin.

Five Weeks, 44 Productions, 28 Countries

The “Vienna Festival Weeks” is the cultural festival of the city, which takes place every year for five weeks between May and June. From May 12th to June 18th 2017, the Vienna Festival Weeks will present theater, opera and dance productions from all parts of the world. Performances, music theater, drama, dance and a new club culture track will enrich the festival this year.

New this year include the “Academy of unlearning” with freely accessible lectures and actions. The second rail, the Performeum, is designed as the “temporary museum for different performance lines”, located in the 10th district near Vienna’s Main Railway station. The third rail at Schloss Neugebäude in Simmering is especially for young people. In the program are among club sounds of the electronics scene.

Under the topic “Frohes Fest”, many free-of-charge events attract the visitors to the Vienna Festival Weeks.

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Already become a tradition, is the ceremonial opening of the Vienna Festival Weeks on May 12 with a free open-air at the Town Hall Square, which os also transmitted live worldwide!

  • When: from Mai 12th to Juni 18th 2017
  • Where: Vienna Town Hall Squarez & different other Venues
  • Website: Vienna Festival Weeks

From Hotel Zipser it is only a short walk to the Viennese Town Hall Square. In just a few minutes you are on the spot to experience and enjoy the Live opening of the Festival Weeks.