Life Ball 2017 – “Recognize The Danger”

2 Jun

Life Ball 2017 – “Recognize The Danger”

After a creative break last year, this years 24th Life Ball will be presented on 10th June 2017 under the motto “Recognize The Danger”.

The world-famous and spectacularly AIDS charity event takes place again this year in the Viennese Town Hall and at the Town Hall Square. Also this year it will attract great prominence in the Austrian capital.

Know your Status

Life Ball © Harald Klemm

The appeal is clear: Only those who regularly check their immune system and know it at any time can be treated in case of a disease and do not infect others unknowingly. The current World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS statistics show why “know your status” is more important than ever: around 36.7 million people worldwide are affected by HIV and AIDS. But just half of them know their immunostatus. This negative development must be put to an end.

The spectacular procedere of the Life Ball is divided into two main program points. The opulent opening ceremonies begin with the arrival of the most colorful, splendid and unusual costumes as well as the prominent guests, who walk side by side over the Magenta Carpet and the fashions show at the Town Hall Square as well as the ball inside the Town Hall. Renowned designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli, Donatella Versace, Vivienne Westwood and Missoni have already shown their creations in the fashion show in the center of Vienna. Like every year, numerous celebrities are supporting the Life Ball free of charge.

Red Ribbon Stage at Town Hall Square

The spectaculare show on the Red Ribbon stage as well as the imaginative costumes of the guests lure more than 40,000 visitors and 500 international media representatives every year to the Town Hall Square. Suggestions for the life ball look that fits the motto of the ball can be found in the yearly published Life Ball Style Bible.

Life Ball © Rainer Gregor Eckharter/Raimund Appel

Access to the event of superlatives

Although the interest in the Life Ball is huge, the number of tickets has been limited to only 3,780. In order to ensure equality of opportunity, the purchase options are determined in the course of a draw. Part of these tickets are given as so-called “Style Ticket” at reduced rates. For this, a costume in the sense of the “Style Bible” is required. This strict regulation does not apply to visitors with full-price or VIP tickets as well as to the 250 participants of the exclusive AIDS Solidarity gala, but evening wardrobe is mandatory.

From Hotel Zipser to the Viennese Life Ball

From Hotel Zipser it is only a catwalk to the Viennese Town Hall Square. In just a few minutes you are on the spot to experience and enjoy the Live Ball. This ensure that the Hotel Zipser is ideal for all Guests, Visitors and Participance of the Life Ball!

  • When: June 10th 2017
  • Where: 01. district, Viennese Town Hall
  • Information: Live Ball

Teaser Picture: Life Ball © Ian Ehm

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